Standard and Extended ASCII Table Online

About Standard and Extended ASCII Table:

The complete ASCII Table (256 digits), include ASCII control characters, ASCII symbol & signs characters and ASCII Extended characters.

ASCII Encoding Standard:

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is the most widely used character encoding standard. The standard ASCII has 7 bits, 128 distinguish characters. The extended ASCII has 8 bits, 256 distinguish characters. The Copyright Symbol © that you see everyday is in the extended ASCII list.

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Table 1: ASCII control characters (non-printable):

ASCII code (Decimal) ASCII code (Binary) ASCII code (Octal) ASCII code (Hex) Char Description
00000NULL( Null character )
01111SOH( Start of Header )
021022STX( Start of Text )
031133ETX( End of Text, hearts card suit )
0410044EOT( End of Transmission, diamonds card suit )
0510155ENQ( Enquiry, clubs card suit )
0611066ACK( Acknowledgement, spade card suit )
0711177BEL( Bell )
081000108BS( Backspace )
091001119HT( Horizontal Tab )
10101012aLF( Line feed )
11101113bVT( Vertical Tab, male symbol, symbol for Mars )
12110014cFF( Form feed, female symbol, symbol for Venus )
13110115dCR( Carriage return )
14111016eSO( Shift Out )
15111117fSI( Shift In )
16100002010DLE( Data link escape )
17100012111DC1( Device control 1 )
18100102212DC2( Device control 2 )
19100112313DC3( Device control 3 )
20101002414DC4( Device control 4 )
21101012515NAK( NAK Negative-acknowledge )
22101102616SYN( Synchronous idle )
23101112717ETB( End of trans. block )
24110003018CAN( Cancel )
25110013119EM( End of medium )
2611010321aSUB( Substitute )
2711011331bESC( Escape )
2811100341cFS( File separator )
2911101351dGS( Group separator )
3011110361eRS( Record separator )
3111111371fUS( Unit separator )
12711111111777fDEL( Delete )

Table 2: ASCII symbol&signs characters (printable):

ASCII code (Decimal) ASCII code (Binary) ASCII code (Octal) ASCII code (Hex) Char Description
321000004020space( Space )
331000014121!( Exclamation mark )
341000104222"( Double quotes ; Quotation mark ; speech marks )
351000114323#( Number sign )
361001004424$( Dollar sign )
371001014525%( Percent sign )
381001104626&( Ampersand )
391001114727'( Single quote or Apostrophe )
401010005028(( ( round brackets or parentheses, opening round bracket )
411010015129)( parentheses or round brackets, closing parentheses )
42101010522a*( Asterisk )
43101011532b+( Plus sign )
44101100542c,( Comma )
45101101552d-( Hyphen , minus sign )
46101110562e.( Dot, full stop )
47101111572f/( Slash , forward slash , fraction bar , division slash )
4811000060300( number zero )
4911000161311( number one )
5011001062322( number two )
5111001163333( number three )
5211010064344( number four )
5311010165355( number five )
5411011066366( number six )
5511011167377( number seven )
5611100070388( number eight )
5711100171399( number nine )
58111010723a:( Colon )
59111011733b;( Semicolon )
60111100743c<( Less-than sign )
61111101753d=( Equals sign )
62111110763e>( Greater-than sign ; Inequality )
63111111773f?( Question mark )
64100000010040@( At sign )
65100000110141A( Capital letter A )
66100001010242B( Capital letter B )
67100001110343C( Capital letter C )
68100010010444D( Capital letter D )
69100010110545E( Capital letter E )
70100011010646F( Capital letter F )
71100011110747G( Capital letter G )
72100100011048H( Capital letter H )
73100100111149I( Capital letter I )
7410010101124aJ( Capital letter J )
7510010111134bK( Capital letter K )
7610011001144cL( Capital letter L )
7710011011154dM( Capital letter M )
7810011101164eN( Capital letter N )
7910011111174fO( Capital letter O )
80101000012050P( Capital letter P )
81101000112151Q( Capital letter Q )
82101001012252R( Capital letter R )
83101001112353S( Capital letter S )
84101010012454T( Capital letter T )
85101010112555U( Capital letter U )
86101011012656V( Capital letter V )
87101011112757W( Capital letter W )
88101100013058X( Capital letter X )
89101100113159Y( Capital letter Y )
9010110101325aZ( Capital letter Z )
9110110111335b[( square brackets or box brackets, opening bracket )
9210111001345c\( Backslash , reverse slash )
9310111011355d]( box brackets or square brackets, closing bracket )
9410111101365e^( Circumflex accent or Caret )
9510111111375f_( underscore , understrike , underbar or low line )
96110000014060`( Grave accent )
97110000114161a( Lowercase letter a , minuscule a )
98110001014262b( Lowercase letter b , minuscule b )
99110001114363c( Lowercase letter c , minuscule c )
100110010014464d( Lowercase letter d , minuscule d )
101110010114565e( Lowercase letter e , minuscule e )
102110011014666f( Lowercase letter f , minuscule f )
103110011114767g( Lowercase letter g , minuscule g )
104110100015068h( Lowercase letter h , minuscule h )
105110100115169i( Lowercase letter i , minuscule i )
10611010101526aj( Lowercase letter j , minuscule j )
10711010111536bk( Lowercase letter k , minuscule k )
10811011001546cl( Lowercase letter l , minuscule l )
10911011011556dm( Lowercase letter m , minuscule m )
11011011101566en( Lowercase letter n , minuscule n )
11111011111576fo( Lowercase letter o , minuscule o )
112111000016070p( Lowercase letter p , minuscule p )
113111000116171q( Lowercase letter q , minuscule q )
114111001016272r( Lowercase letter r , minuscule r )
115111001116373s( Lowercase letter s , minuscule s )
116111010016474t( Lowercase letter t , minuscule t )
117111010116575u( Lowercase letter u , minuscule u )
118111011016676v( Lowercase letter v , minuscule v )
119111011116777w( Lowercase letter w , minuscule w )
120111100017078x( Lowercase letter x , minuscule x )
121111100117179y( Lowercase letter y , minuscule y )
12211110101727az( Lowercase letter z , minuscule z )
12311110111737b{( braces or curly brackets, opening braces )
12411111001747c|( vertical-bar, vbar, vertical line or vertical slash )
12511111011757d}( curly brackets or braces, closing curly brackets )
12611111101767e~( Tilde ; swung dash )

Table 3: ASCII Extended characters:

ASCII code (Decimal) ASCII code (Binary) ASCII code (Octal) ASCII code (Hex) Char Description
1281000000020080Ç( Majuscule C-cedilla )
1291000000120181ü( letter u with umlaut or diaeresis , u-umlaut )
1301000001020282é( letter e with acute accent or e-acute )
1311000001120383â( letter a with circumflex accent or a-circumflex )
1321000010020484ä( letter a with umlaut or diaeresis , a-umlaut )
1331000010120585à( letter a with grave accent )
1341000011020686å( letter a with a ring )
1351000011120787ç( Minuscule c-cedilla )
1361000100021088ê( letter e with circumflex accent or e-circumflex )
1371000100121189ë( letter e with umlaut or diaeresis ; e-umlauts )
138100010102128aè( letter e with grave accent )
139100010112138bï( letter i with umlaut or diaeresis ; i-umlaut )
140100011002148cî( letter i with circumflex accent or i-circumflex )
141100011012158dì( letter i with grave accent )
142100011102168eÄ( letter A with umlaut or diaeresis ; A-umlaut )
143100011112178fÅ( Capital letter A with a ring )
1441001000022090É( Capital letter E with acute accent or E-acute )
1451001000122191æ( Latin diphthong ae in lowercase )
1461001001022292Æ( Latin diphthong AE in uppercase )
1471001001122393ô( letter o with circumflex accent or o-circumflex )
1481001010022494ö( letter o with umlaut or diaeresis ; o-umlaut )
1491001010122595ò( letter o with grave accent )
1501001011022696û( letter u with circumflex accent or u-circumflex )
1511001011122797ù( letter u with grave accent )
1521001100023098ÿ( Lowercase letter y with diaeresis )
1531001100123199Ö( Letter O with umlaut or diaeresis ; O-umlaut )
154100110102329aÜ( Letter U with umlaut or diaeresis ; U-umlaut )
155100110112339bø( Lowercase slashed zero or empty set )
156100111002349c£( Pound sign ; symbol for the pound sterling )
157100111012359dØ( Uppercase slashed zero or empty set )
158100111102369e×( Multiplication sign )
159100111112379fƒ( Function sign ; f with hook sign ; florin sign )
16010100000240a0á( Lowercase letter a with acute accent or a-acute )
16110100001241a1í( Lowercase letter i with acute accent or i-acute )
16210100010242a2ó( Lowercase letter o with acute accent or o-acute )
16310100011243a3ú( Lowercase letter u with acute accent or u-acute )
16410100100244a4ñ( eñe, enie, spanish letter enye, lowercase n with tilde )
16510100101245a5Ñ( Spanish letter enye, uppercase N with tilde, EÑE, enie )
16610100110246a6ª( feminine ordinal indicator )
16710100111247a7º( masculine ordinal indicator )
16810101000250a8¿( Inverted question marks )
16910101001251a9®( Registered trademark symbol )
17010101010252aa¬( Logical negation symbol )
17110101011253ab½( One half )
17210101100254ac¼( Quarter, one fourth )
17310101101255ad¡( Inverted exclamation marks )
17410101110256ae«( Angle quotes, guillemets, right-pointing quotation mark )
17510101111257af»( Guillemets, angle quotes, left-pointing quotation marks )
17610110000260b0( Graphic character, low density dotted )
17710110001261b1( Graphic character, medium density dotted )
17810110010262b2( Graphic character, high density dotted )
17910110011263b3( Box drawing character single vertical line )
18010110100264b4( Box drawing character single vertical and left line )
18110110101265b5Á( Capital letter A with acute accent or A-acute )
18210110110266b6Â( Letter A with circumflex accent or A-circumflex )
18310110111267b7À( Letter A with grave accent )
18410111000270b8©( Copyright symbol )
18510111001271b9( Box drawing character double line vertical and left )
18610111010272ba( Box drawing character double vertical line )
18710111011273bb( Box drawing character double line upper right corner )
18810111100274bc( Box drawing character double line lower right corner )
18910111101275bd¢( Cent symbol )
19010111110276be¥( YEN and YUAN sign )
19110111111277bf( Box drawing character single line upper right corner )
19211000000300c0( Box drawing character single line lower left corner )
19311000001301c1( Box drawing character single line horizontal and up )
19411000010302c2( Box drawing character single line horizontal down )
19511000011303c3( Box drawing character single line vertical and right )
19611000100304c4( Box drawing character single horizontal line )
19711000101305c5( Box drawing character single line horizontal vertical )
19811000110306c6ã( Lowercase letter a with tilde or a-tilde )
19911000111307c7Ã( Capital letter A with tilde or A-tilde )
20011001000310c8( Box drawing character double line lower left corner )
20111001001311c9( Box drawing character double line upper left corner )
20211001010312ca( Box drawing character double line horizontal and up )
20311001011313cb( Box drawing character double line horizontal down )
20411001100314cc( Box drawing character double line vertical and right )
20511001101315cd( Box drawing character double horizontal line )
20611001110316ce( Box drawing character double line horizontal vertical )
20711001111317cf¤( Generic currency sign )
20811010000320d0ð( Lowercase letter eth )
20911010001321d1Ð( Capital letter Eth )
21011010010322d2Ê( Letter E with circumflex accent or E-circumflex )
21111010011323d3Ë( Letter E with umlaut or diaeresis, E-umlaut )
21211010100324d4È( Capital letter E with grave accent )
21311010101325d5ı( Lowercase dot less i )
21411010110326d6Í( Capital letter I with acute accent or I-acute )
21511010111327d7Î( Letter I with circumflex accent or I-circumflex )
21611011000330d8Ï( Letter I with umlaut or diaeresis ; I-umlaut )
21711011001331d9( Box drawing character single line lower right corner )
21811011010332da( Box drawing character single line upper left corner )
21911011011333db( Block, graphic character )
22011011100334dc( Bottom half block )
22111011101335dd¦( Vertical broken bar )
22211011110336deÌ( Capital letter I with grave accent )
22311011111337df( Top half block )
22411100000340e0Ó( Capital letter O with acute accent or O-acute )
22511100001341e1ß( Letter Eszett ; scharfes S or sharp S )
22611100010342e2Ô( Letter O with circumflex accent or O-circumflex )
22711100011343e3Ò( Capital letter O with grave accent )
22811100100344e4õ( Lowercase letter o with tilde or o-tilde )
22911100101345e5Õ( Capital letter O with tilde or O-tilde )
23011100110346e6µ( Lowercase letter Mu ; micro sign or micron )
23111100111347e7þ( Lowercase letter Thorn )
23211101000350e8Þ( Capital letter Thorn )
23311101001351e9Ú( Capital letter U with acute accent or U-acute )
23411101010352eaÛ( Letter U with circumflex accent or U-circumflex )
23511101011353ebÙ( Capital letter U with grave accent )
23611101100354ecý( Lowercase letter y with acute accent )
23711101101355edÝ( Capital letter Y with acute accent )
23811101110356ee¯( Macron symbol )
23911101111357ef´( Acute accent )
24011110000360f0( Congruence relation symbol )
24111110001361f1±( Plus-minus sign )
24211110010362f2( underline or underscore )
24311110011363f3¾( three quarters, three-fourths )
24411110100364f4( Paragraph sign or pilcrow ; end paragraph mark )
24511110101365f5§( Section sign )
24611110110366f6÷( The division sign ; Obelus )
24711110111367f7¸( cedilla )
24811111000370f8°( Degree symbol )
24911111001371f9¨( Diaresis )
25011111010372fa·( Interpunct or space dot )
25111111011373fb¹( Superscript one, exponent 1, first power )
25211111100374fc³( Superscript three, exponent 3, cube, third power )
25311111101375fd²( Superscript two, exponent 2, square, second power )
25411111110376fe( black square )
25511111111377ffnbsp( Non-breaking space or no-break space )

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