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About Percent to Fraction Calculator:

This online Percent to Fraction Calculator helps you to convert one percent number into a fraction number. the numerator and denominator result will show in the textbox.

Percent System:

Percent represents a part of a whole (100). Percent System is widely used in financial scenario. The function of percent is very similar to fraction, but much easier for human to read.

Fraction Number System:

Fraction represents a part of a whole, the field above the black line is the numerator, the field below the black line is the denominator. While both the numerator and the denominator are natural numbers, the fraction it self sometimes can’t be represented as natural numbers.

How to convert from percent to fraction?

Step 1: Convert the percent number into fraction with the denominator is power of 10.

Step 2: Find the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) of the denominator and numerator.

Step 3: Divide the denominator and numerator by the Greatest Common Divisor at the same time.

percent to fraction

Percent to Fraction conversion table:

Percent Fraction Percent Fraction
1% 1/100 25% 1/4
8.333333% 1/12 28.571429% 2/7
9.090909% 1/11 30% 3/10
10% 1/10 33.333333% 1/3
11.111111% 1/9 37.5% 3/8
12.5% 1/8 40% 2/5
14.285714% 1/7 42.857143% 3/7
16.666667% 1/6 44.444444% 4/9
20% 1/5 50% 1/2
22.222222% 2/9 55.555555% 5/9

More information:

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Convert Percent to Fraction with Python:

import fractions

def percent_to_fraction(percent_number):
    decimal_number = percent_number / 100
    fraction = fractions.Fraction(decimal_number)
    return fraction

percent_input = 75
fraction_output = percent_to_fraction(percent_input)
print('fraction result is:{0}'.format(fraction_output))

fraction result is:3/4